Why Hannibal?

Hannibal is an historic community located on the scenic Mississippi River.  Hannibal is ideally located at the crossroads of the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway and Avenue of the Saints.  Combined with the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad, and Hannibal Regional Airport, Hannibal offers modern and efficient transportation access in all directions.

Hannibal’s low cost-of-living environment is business-favorable.  Tremendous comparative advantages exist in the areas of property values, wage levels, taxes; even ISO insurance classes.  Hannibal has a university, a community college, a vocational tech school, and an excellent school system; all striving to provide quality education and enhanced business skills and training.

As the major commercial/retail/employment center in northeast Missouri, Hannibal’s immediate consumer market serves 22,554 people, with a 30-mile population radius of 135,578.  There are many advantages of doing business in Hannibal, Missouri.  Given the community’s diverse industry and employment sectors, Hannibal is not disproportionally reliant on any particular business sector.

Historic downtown Hannibal offers an attractive and vibrant mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, festivals, and authentic history.  Hannibal is a wonderful place to do business, and we welcome you to our community!

                                                                                              Jeff LaGarce, Hannibal City Manager