HREDC Region Workforce

The HREDC Region offers employers access to over 80,000 workers armed with the high-tech skills for today’s business demands. Hannibal is a key labor magnet in Northeast Missouri with a net inflow of over 3,600 non-resident workers each day. Sixty-one percent of the employed workers in Hannibal come from outside the boundaries of the community. Like Missouri, the HREDC Region is one of the most cost competitive areas for business including labor, energy and total cost of business.

Numbers speak louder than words… please take a minute to review our recent labor surveys. In an effort to assist you with your decision process, we have commissioned three labor reports from an independent third-party labor consulting firm. The reports include primary research that is not available in public databases and the reports analyze our workforce from the supply and demand sides. In addition, we have provided information regarding our workforce commuting patterns to demonstrate the overall Area Labor Market (ALM).

HREDC Region Labor Commuting Certification

HREDC Region Labor Supply Certification

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2022 Missouri Northeast Labor Supply

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