low business costs for Hannibal Region

Missouri is consistently ranked among the lowest business costs of any state by national business advocacy organizations. For example, Missouri ranks in the top ten of states offering the lowest business costs including corporate income tax, property tax index and cost of doing business. Marion and Ralls counties are among the lower cost counties in the state offering companies even greater benefit.

Ralls County, Missouri Taxes

State 0.0300
County Revenue 0.2000
Roads 0.2637
Health 0.0937
Nursing Home 0.2500
Library 0.0949
A1 (Monroe) 0.1401
A2 (Hannibal) 0.0477
A3 (Ralls) 0.3977
M60/Hannibal 4.1244
M1/Monroe City 4.7759
R2/Ralls Co 3.6600
R5/Bowling Green 3.8678
R6/Community 4.5500
R1A/Van-Far 4.5717
Sur Tax 0.5700
City of New London 0.4462
City of Monroe City 0.9532
City of Hannibal 1.1778
Center 1.000
Perry .7663
Hannibal Rural Fire .1418

Marion County, Missouri Taxes

State 0.0300
County Revenue 0.1350
Roads & Bridges 0.3153
Health 0.0925
Nursing Home 0.1380
Marion County Ambulance District 0.0477
Monroe City Ambulance District 0.1401
Hannibal School District #60 4.1244
Palmyra R-1 School District 4.0280
Marion County R-II School District 4.1786
Monroe City R-I School District 4.7759
Lewis County C-I School District 3.3319
Marion County Board of Services for Developmentally Disabled 0.1300
Marion County Library District - Sub District #1 0.1432
State of Missouri (for the blind) 0.0300
Ewing R-4 Fire Protection District 0.4171
Hannibal Rural Fire Protection District 0.1418
Palmyra Rural Fire Protection District 0.2864
Grassy Creek Watershed Sub District 0.3809
Troublesome Creek Watershed Sub District 0.3406
Sur Tax 1.0000
City of Monroe City 0.9532
City of Hannibal 1.1778
City of Palmyra 0.6192
Incidental/Teacher 3.33526
Other (Debt Service) 0.69744
Capital Projects 0.25506