Transportation to Hannibal, Mo

The HREDC Region offers significant transportation infrastructure by road, rail, river and air. Two major highways, 4-lane US Highway 61 and Interstate 72, intersect in Hannibal and the region is within a one-day drive of most major US markets. The Hannibal Regional Airport accommodates executive jet travel and is within 30 minutes of the Quincy Regional Airport offering commercial air service. International air service is available at the St. Louis Lambert International Airport and is accessible within a 90-minute drive. In addition, our partners BNSF and NS offer rail service to serve the local business community as well as provide access to the intermodal services in St. Louis and Kansas City which boast the 2nd and 3rd largest railroad terminals in the US. Additionally, the Mississippi river makes up Hannibal’s eastern border offering barge shipping opportunities as well as almost unlimited process water capabilities.

The HREDC Region is ideally located at the crossroads of the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway and the Avenue of the Saints linking Minneapolis/St. Paul to St. Louis – 4-lane highway systems that carry a combined 40,000 vehicles through Hannibal daily and link the metro areas of St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago, and by extension, Des Moines, Memphis and Omaha.

City of Hannibal, MO - Map of Radius in Distance

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Map of Majors Rivers to Hannibal MO

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Mississippi River

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US Highway 61

Interstate 72

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NS Rail

Hannibal MO - Access by Airports in St Louis

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Hannibal Regional Airport

Quincy, IL Regional Airport

St. Louis Lambert International Airport