October 23, 2019

The International Association of Maritime and Port Professionals (IAMPE) is pleased to announce that 14 inland port managers have received their professional industry certifications at a management seminar hosted by America’s Central Port in Granite City, IL.

Receiving their Inland Maritime Port Manager (IMPM) Professional Certifications were Cheryl Ball, JD-IMPM, Waterways and Freight Administrator, Missouri Department of Transportation; Jon Brent, PE-IMPM, Senior Engineer, CMT Engineering; Cassandra Caldwell-IMPE, Administrative Programs, Oklahoma Department of Transportation; Corey Mehaffy-IMPM, Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council; Gina Walker-IMPM, Administrator, Florence-Lauderdale Port Authority, AK; and Travis Tyler-IMPM, Executive Director, Natchitoches Parish Port, LA.

Receiving their Inland Maritime Port Executive (IMPE) Professional Certifications were Alexander Burkart-IMPE, Director of Marketing, America’s Central Port; Bill Stahlman, PE-IMPE, Director of Engineering and Construction, America’s Central Port; Gregory Kelahan, PE-IMPE, Ports and Harbors Engineer, Hanson Professional Services; Mara Roche-IMPE, Executive Director, Savanna (IL) Industrial Park; David Russell-IMPE, Managing Director, Port of Birmingham, Adah North America; Sam Small-IMPE, Operations Manager, International Port of Memphis and Walker Smith-IMPE, Port Director, Port of Harlingen (TX) Port Authority.

Receiving approval for the awarding of the Accredited Maritime Port Executive (AMPE), the IAMPE’s highest level of professional certification, was Dennis Wilmsmeyer-AMPE, Executive Director, America’s Central Port. The Port was also designated an IAMPE Education partner.

The IAMPE is a not-for-profit educational institution that provides management programs and industry recognized professional certifications to port and maritime managers.   Programs are reviewed and approved for certification by the Association’s Board of Advisors, comprised of over 20 industry professionals.  Academic partners include the Loeb-Sullivan School at Maine Maritime Academy and Graduate Program of the Massachusetts maritime Academy. Education partners include the Connecticut Port Authority, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Georgia Ports Authority, North Atlantic Ports Association, Port of Alaska, Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators, Houston Port Bureau, the Inland Rivers Port and Terminals Association, Oakley Ports, Lange-Stegman, Maine Port Authority, the Maritime Exchange of the Delaware Bay and River, Little Rock Port Authority, Port Milwaukee, Vicksburg Port Authority, Port of South Louisiana, the United States Coast Guard, Port Tampa Bay, Jacksonville Port Authority and HDR Engineering.  The IAMPE has educated and provided professional port certification in numerous ports throughout North America and overseas and has over 2,300 alumni and members.

IAMPE Graduates