January 29, 2024

Last Tuesday night participants of Ignite gathered at NanAby for an evening of networking. The evening was an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to inspire, motivate, and encourage one another. The event began with a brief tour of NanAby. Following the tour, participants enjoyed a small meal and great conversation. Two businesses gave an update, Technology and Langhorne Meats. NanAby is working to create a nano catalysts inspired by nature to efficiently remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial smokestacks and transform it into the useful solid, calcium carbonate. Langhorne Meats and Provisions is Hannibal’s premier source for locally raised, beef, lamb, pork and poultry. They work with local farmers who champion the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental sustainability and quality to provide their customers with wholesome food. Their presentations spurred on a very engaging Q&A discussion.

Ignite serves as a catalyst for business owners, providing them with the inspiration and motivation needed to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and succeed in their ventures. Nikki Barr from Langhorne Meats said, “I’ve been attending Ignite events for almost two years. Whether it’s sharing struggles and triumphs, or just getting to know other like-minded entrepreneurs, I gain something positive every time I go. Building a business is hard work and sometimes it can get discouraging. For me, Ignite networking events have been a source of empowerment. We’re all rooting for each other to succeed no matter what stage your business is in. That type of encouragement helps you push through the tough times and keep working towards those goals.” When asked about Ignite, Jeanette Hill from NanAby said, “Ignite events have been extremely helpful to our company for making business connections and learning about exciting things happening in the community. We even found a future employee who had just the expertise we needed through a connection made at an Ignite event.”

The next Ignite event will be a lunch and learn on Thursday, February 15th at the Holiday Inn Express at 120 Shinn Lane. For more information check out the Facebook page.

Ignite is a partnership between Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council, Missouri SBDC, and the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce dedicated to creating an ecosystem that attracts, creates, supports, and accelerates new and existing businesses in Northeast Missouri. The Ignite program is made of three components; expert technical assistance, establishing entrepreneurial support networks, and connecting entrepreneurs with investors. If you have an entrepreneurial endeavor you would like to present to an investor, contact Sean Freeman to prepare a business plan. Ignite is funded through program sponsors including Hannibal Regional Hospital, P&D Electric, Chariton Valley, and Northeast Power.

For more information on Ignite and how you can be a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, contact Sean Freeman at sbdc@hredc.com or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.