March 4, 2020

Hannibal, MO. – Corey Mehaffy, Executive Director of the Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council (HREDC) announced today that his office was notified that the Marion County Commission approved a new Board of Commissioners to the Marion County Port Authority on Monday.

Mehaffy indicated that the Marion County Port Authority, established in 1988, has been largely dormant over the last several years. However, as part of his role as Executive Director at HREDC, Mehaffy also accepted the administrative responsibilities for the Port Authority. Mehaffy added, “Early in 2019 I was contacted by the MODOT Multimodal staff regarding the status of the Marion County Port Authority and what that Board’s plans were moving forward. I informed the MODOT representatives that while the Port Authority was not at the top of my daily tasks list at the time, I was very interested in seating a new board and pursuing programs that would benefit our area employers.”

According to Mehaffy, one of the immediate needs was to seat a board of commissioners. Additionally, in October 2019, Mehaffy attended a professional development seminar accredited by The International Association of Maritime and Port Professionals (IAMPE) and hosted by America’s Central Port in Granite City, IL. Following completion of the program, Mehaffy received an industry certification as an Inland Maritime Port Manager. (IMPM)

According to Mehaffy, the Port Board of Commissioners has a great deal of work to do in the coming months, and the office plans to schedule the first meeting very soon. Mehaffy indicated that the Port Commissioners will be working on a number of items including a proposed partnership with Ralls County to create a Regional Port Authority. Mehaffy added, “During their Commission meeting on February 24th, the Ralls County Commissioners met with representatives from MODOT Multimodal to discuss options for a potential regional partnership. During that meeting, the Ralls County Commission authorized entering into an intergovernmental agreement with Marion County to establish a Regional Port Authority.”

Additionally, the Port Commissioners will be considering an opportunity to join a larger Port Statistical Area along with other members of the Mid-America Port Commission. MAPC members include 26 Counties in IA, IL and MO. Mehaffy added, “The application process for the larger Port Statistical Area requires that the Port Commissioners make a decision about joining the PSA by late April. “We need to spend some time with the Port Commissioners discussing the pros and cons of joining a larger PSA in order to help them make a final decision.”

Mehaffy indicated that the Port Commissioners will be discussing an additional 6-8 agenda items during their upcoming meeting. Once a final date is chosen, the meeting date, time and location will be posted in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law and the public is welcome to attend the meetings.

“I am grateful to our Port Commissioners for their willingness to serve in this capacity”, said Mehaffy. The Marion County Port Board of Commissioners include Mehaffy, Brian Caldwell, Brock Fahy, Gerry Maas, Rusty Adrian, Doug Krigbaum, Gordon Ipson and David Lomax. To learn more about the Marion County Port Authority, contact the HREDC office at 573-221-1033.

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