May 20, 2019

Hannibal, MO. – Corey Mehaffy, Executive Director of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council (NEMO EDC) announced today that the NEMO EDC is taking on a part-time intern this summer. He will assist Mr. Mehaffy with everyday tasks and attend meetings with him. The intern’s name is Ethan Schneider and he is attending Truman State University.

Ethan just finished his sophomore year of school and is pursuing Bachelor of science in economics with a minor in political science. He officially began work today and will be working until he returns to school. Bringing in an intern will increase the productivity and efficiency within the office by allowing the director to focus on the larger projects at hand. Prior to serving on the NEMO EDC Ethan has had experience working as a life guard and swim coach through employment from 2014 through 2018.

“I see this as a wonderful opportunity to both develop my professional skills and the community around me” Schneider said regarding the internship. “Economic development is such a key factor to any community of people, and the ability to change it for the better is a wonderful feeling to have”

NEMO EDC Executive Director Corey Mehaffy added, “Through this internship we are looking to expose Ethan to as many of the operations of our NEMO EDC stakeholders as possible, including the City of Hannibal, Hannibal Board of Public Works, and the Chamber of Commerce just to name a few.” Mr. Mehaffy also added “We’re very excited to have Ethan on board. I believe the he will bring many benefits to the office, and he will also be adequately prepared for any endeavors that he takes on after schooling.”

NEMO EDC works to promote financial investment in Hannibal, and Marion and Ralls Counties.  For more information on the organization, please visit their website at