September 28, 2022

The Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council (HREDC), through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), is seeking to obtain competitive proposals from qualified consultants and firms capable of developing, conducting, and implementing a public relations campaign advocating for the approval of a ballot proposition for the formation of a transportation development district encompassing all or portions of the Counties of Marion and Ralls, Missouri.

The successful Consultant will be able to demonstrate competency with public relations campaigns in the State of Missouri that focus on increasing voter awareness, ballot proposition approval in Missouri, knowledge of transportation development districts or other special taxing districts within Missouri, knowledge of Missouri public financing incentives, working with other Missouri municipalities, and presenting at public meetings.

Sealed submittals must be received by the Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council; 3817 McMasters Avenue, Suite D, Hannibal, Missouri 63401; Attention: Corey J. Mehaffy, Executive Director prior to October 31, 2022 at 3:00 P.M. (CST). Each proposal shall consist of one original (identified as such) and one electronic copy on flash/thumb drive of the complete proposal. The file submitted on flash/thumb drive shall include all attachments and signatures, where applicable.

It is the responsibility of the Consultant to ensure that their submittal is received by the Council prior to the deadline. Consultants mailing proposals should allow ample mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt of their proposals. Proposals received after the deadline for receipt of proposals will not be opened or considered.

Proposals must be clearly labeled Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council “RFQ – Consultant Services” and shall show such information on the outside of the submittal packet. Submissions will not be accepted by facsimile or email transmittal. Do not staple or submit bid in any type of binder; binder clips are acceptable.

See the PDF below for additional information.

RFQ for TDD Draft Final